1) Economical: 95% oil recovery from sludge in Crude storage tanks and Sludge pits

2) 0,5% - 1% sediments in recovered oil so high quality oil

3) Fast treatment so reduction of Downtime tank       

4) System is based on patented Nozzle system and patented 100% Natural Green Product

5) No heat is needed at Nozzle, in breaking/making sludge flowable

6) No water injection in the sludge so no emulsion building

7) Environment: <100 ppm leachable hydrocarbons in solids

8) No Man entry until final Cleaning (95% No Man entry)

9) Tanksweep/Nozzle remains fully submerged under oil/sludge level so safe regarding LEL levels. No nitrogen purge is needed

10) Air extraction pumps are used during Cleaning process


Product and Service - one total solution for tank  Maintenance

- Innovative Chemical Solution - Green Chemical

- The Green Chemical work as a Sludge Breaker

- Unique design 'TANKSWEEP SYSTEM'

  *Process equipment that is Non man-entry desludging 

  *Centrifuge system that is 'Agitation' concept with our newest technology

- Residue cleaning - Final Approach

  *Manual desludging of final centimeters layer of residual sludge

  *Hydraulic sludge dozer

  *Jet washed and cleaned to a “hot works” US API inspection standard.

With the approached of non man-entry tank desludging techniques designed to reduce to a minimum man-entry during the tank desludging phase and minimising residual waste for off-site disposal.


The tank sweep nozzles resuspension will typically recover in excess of 90% of the soluble hydrocarbons in the sludge. A crude oil storage tank sludge will typically contain in excess of 95% soluble hydrocarbons.

Recovered Oil Value

An average sludge height of only 0.80 m. in an 80 m. diameter tank equates to more than 4000 m3 sludge.
Of this, 95% or 3800 m3 is soluble hydrocarbon.

The tank sweep nozzle system can recover more than 90% of the soluble hydrocarbons or 3420 m3 which equates to approximately 21,000 bbls.

At USD $52.74/bbl, this approximates to a recovery value of USD $1.107M

SOLUTION - Innovative Tank Cleaning

eOx develops, manufactures and globally markets turnkey systems for automated oil recovery and storage tank cleaning in the oil and petrochemical industries. 
Our system offer a unique approach with Temperature, Agitation, Chemistry and Time which we specialized in development and manufacture of automated no-man entry oil tank cleaning and oil recovery systems. eOx develops technology that makes the most environmental sustainability as to carry out your oil tank cleaning and oil recovery processes.

System is ZONE 1 and ATEX certified. We are ISO9001 certified as well.

Focus: Sludge removal, Oil recovery and Tank cleaning

1) No man entry
2) Environmental friendly
3) Reduction of Downtime

4) Oil back to the process

Process method on sampling:

Manual dipping and sludge sampling, BS&W value, Pour point, Hydrocarbons
Visual sludge surface check up
Accurate sludge volume calculation
Project calculation
used for calculation of scope of work  and  chemistry before tank cleaning or sludge re-suspension operations start with chemistry and equipment
results presented in a detailed report