Product technology:

Nano sized fatty esters are manufactured by a biotechnology patented process. Using only natural ingredients to form nano colloidal micelles. This 100% natural product can be used for waste water treatment to reduce COD/BOD, ammonical nitrogen, metals, chlorides, etc.

Can be used to achieve an extra oil extraction compared to chemical de-emulsifiers in the petroleum industry and palmoil mills. These nano sized fatty esters are very succesful as water/food additive for livestock. It will reduce the use of medication, increase the weight of the animals with less feed and remove ammonium odours/reduce nitrate levels.

The nano sized fatty esters have the following functions:

Encapsulation - Anti microbial - Separation - Coating.

The ester can be divided into small, medium and long Esters OH.

Each group has its own functionality.

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Oil Extraction and Waste Water Treatment