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Qingdao Scaffolding Co., Ltd, one of the biggest manufacturers of Formwork Modular Shoring System, with the most advanced Early Stripping Shoring System in the world. As a pioneer in the scaffolding and formwork industry, we have a hand in all areas of formwork system technology. We have got what it takes to continuously set benchmarks with Green Formwork developments, products, systems and services, which includes our international team of experienced, creative employees and innovative technical systems.

Green formwork is our invention patent products with technology from Canada: Panel-Prop Early Stripping System. On top of that, with invention patent in USA, Australia, and registered brand in USA and European Union. The system is the most efficient and cost saving when using in no beam or less beam structure like parking lot.

The Green Formwork Modular Shoring System is an advance steel panelprop formwork system which allow early stripping process. It provides a suitable formwork solution to most concrete structure and component and meets the general requirements of different construction methods and conditions. The system adopts the structural mechanism of a 4‐leg table using puzzle‐style & systematic installation approach. Both panels & props are made from and conditions.

Currently, it is widely used in USA, Canada, Czech, U.A.E, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia etc.

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We are the distributor for Frutiger in Singapore.

The Headoffice of the FRUTIGER-Group is located in Switzerland. An international network of independent Group companies and sales offices takes care of our worldwide customers. With the business lines Scrapedozers and Wheel Washing Systems FRUTIGER leads the market. Complementary FRUTIGER offers a wide range of dust suppression Solutions. An additional service for spareparts and wearparts of our products as well as a wide range of wearparts for other construction machines offers the business line F-trade.

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We are the sole and exclusive agent for eOx International BV, who are the inventor and manufacturer for the tank cleaning and sludge treatment system. 

They own an innovative tank cleaning system, and focus on Sludge removal with oil recovery. For this innovative approach and unique technology system, they are the only one who own this technology system in the world with proven installation in worldwide.

Welden is managed by a team with more than 10 years of sales experience in supply, design, engineer and solution provider for industrial, bio chemical, system & equipment field from various industries. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - large or small, that we providing products, services and solution focusing on Environmental Sustainability.

We aim to encourage and assist companies to contribute to the long-term environmental sustainability !


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NanoEmulsion Technology is BCI Chemical's featured patented degreasing technology. It features biodegradable emulsifiers, palm-based co-surfactants, plant-based stabilizers that form NanoEmulsion. It is Benzene-Toluene-Xylene (BTX) FREE, environmental and aquatic friendly.

The NanoEmulsion technology reduce interfacial tension, provide water-wet surfaces and remove hydrocarbon, grease, gel-like wax and sludge with very low concentration (<5 wt. %). This interfacial tension of NanoEmulsion can be as low as 0.01 mN/m.

MobyDick has been providing high-quality products and reliable services worldwide for more than 30 years.

To date, more than 3,500 MobyDick Wheel Washing Systems worldwide are solving the problem of dirty public roads. In addition, various special machines known as "demucking" devices, e.g. to clean construction equipment, have been in use for several years. But MobyDick also offers a variety of solutions for dust control for indoor and outdoor applications. Typical applications for such solutions are construction sites, material transfer points, recycling yards, quarries, mines, steel and cement plants.

We are providing the exclusive innovative and energy sustainability solution for Oil & Petrochemical - End User/Oil Tank Storage Owner/Oil Tank Cleaning Contractor.

No more! -> traditional degassing and sludge removal procedures contribute to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) to the atmosphere and present significant Environmental risk.

Our specialty product & system - Tank Sweep Onsite
▌Multi discipline tank bottom sludge removal and store tank cleaning

Focus: Sludge removal, Oil recovery and Tank cleaning

- No man entry
- Environmental friendly
- Reduction of Downtime

- Oil back to the process

Cleaning according :
Innovative  T.A.C.T.  approach

Environmental Solution for  OIL Tank Cleaning

Emission Control